Cinematic Releases: 2 Guns

This week, the theater going public gets a break from robots, men with claws, and those lovable little minions. The comic book adaptation, 2 Guns hits the cineplex with Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington doing their best to revitalize the age old buddy cop film with just enough comedy and gun play to keep audiences entertained. This is a welcomed break from Denzel's dramatic roles of late while he plays cops and robbers with the always funny Mark Wahlberg.

The film is a throwback to the days when a couple opposing personalities could lift a film to great heights. Remember Lethal Weapon? Well, 2 Guns is far cry from being that good but the influence is definitely felt. This is a just above average movie that relies heavily on  two experienced leads that easily carry the script beyond its a-typical twists and turns. And they succeed.

Whenever 2 Guns begins to fall in to the trappings of almost every action comedy we've seen in the past twenty years, we're quickly reminded of the outstanding cast that's in this movie. Edward James Olmos and Bill Paxton both play supporting roles and both deliver beyond expectations as the bad guys. What's that? Olmos a bad guy? Paxton evil? No way. James Marsden, Robert John Burke and Fred Ward also star. The list goes on and on. 2 Guns is one movie that did not cut corners in casting decisions.

In most aspects, the movie is nothing original and the curve balls we're thrown are mostly expected. Yet, the movie is fun all the way through due to the comedic pairing of Washington and Wahlberg. If you go in not expecting much, you'll be have a good time. This is not their best work but is a viable summer flick that delivers tons of laughs, a heap of action, and Edward James Olmos.

Say hello to your mother for me.

- Review by Chris George