Cinematic Releases: Closed Circuit

We're finally at the end of summer where many lackluster films find their final resting place. Closed Circuit is just that. It's a timely story of wire taps, surveillance footage and terrorist attacks. Despite all that, it's never exciting and hinders on absolute boredom throughout.

Closed Circuit is a film that can never decide exactly what it wants to be. Part thriller, part legal drama, and part anti-government conspiracy feature, the film stumbles through it's first three quarters without any real direction. When it starts to find some footing, it's still shaky, and just not enough to save it from being just a little above average. Being a long time fan of intriguing political thrillers, I was hoping for a slight return to form but was mildly let down by a movie starring a who's who list of top notch talent.

Eric Bana and the always gorgeous Rebecca Hall take the lead roles with support from Ciarin Hinds and a newly sinister Jim Broadbent. They all succeed in their performances but are sadly never really allowed to stretch their skills due to a rather inane script that is underdeveloped and mildly confusing at times. Julia Stiles also has a minor role, but its so minimal that they could have given her part to any actress. Her character in this movie was important but a name actor was completely unnecessary.

Considering the movie is so average, I'm going to keep this review nice and short. If you're looking for something to keep you entertained for 90 minutes, maybe give Closed Circuit a shot. You won't be blown away and you won't be mad that you spent a few dollars to see it. That's really the problem with the movie. It's got a great cast but the story and delivery are absolutely mediocre. Closed Circuit made me miss the days of taut political/courtroom/romantic thrillers.

.......and it really made me miss the days of Gene Hackman chewing up screen time like it was bubble gum.

-review by Chris George