Cinematic Releases: Prince Avalanche

Not all movies need to be big on plot. Some movies are best rooted in a distinction of dynamic characters and the outrageous dialogue that takes place between them. In the case of Prince Avalanche, there's just enough of both to make it an enjoyable indie film starring Paul Rudd and one of my favorite actors, Emile Hirsch. Typically, neither of these actors make these types of films. That alone makes it an interesting piece of artistic cinema in which the viewer gets an inside look at the true talents of these venerable actors.

Rudd usually stars in silly comedies and Hirsch in varying types of roles. Prince Avalanche is a chance for each actor to stretch out and do something they've never done before. It's a nice change of pace for both of them. Each actor does their darnedest to fulfill a layered script about life's sudden changes and the discomfort of adapting to new situations. While Prince Avalanche might be too strange or ethereal for some audiences, the wooded scenery and comedic sensibilities together were enough to keep my interest while Hirsch's character rambles on nonsensically.

Prince Avalanche is a low budget independent film that stars two good actors doing their darnedest to transpose a simple script to screen. While I'm sure there's a deeper meaning to the movie, I can tell it went right over my head. But, that's just fine. It was still an enjoyable piece that gets Rudd out of his standard bumbling idiot rut and gets Hirsch back in front of the cameras where he belongs. I've always felt that Emile is one of the most talented actors of his generation. It's a pleasure to see him in anything he does.

If you're just looking to relax and don't want to think too much, check out Prince Avalanche. The scenery is beautiful and the performances are excellent.

-Review by Chris George