Cinematic Releases: We're The Millers

To call me a comedy snob would be a vast understatement. In short, it takes a lot for a comedy to be considered impressive. For me, the bar was set extremely high at a young age. Growing up with classics like Ghost Busters, Better Off Dead, and Weird Science, my expectations are that a comedy will be creative, non-formulaic, and will actually make me laugh throughout. Besides The Way Way Back and This Is The End, this season has been mostly vacant of anything truly original that could make me laugh out loud. We're The Millers has finally come along and changed all that.

We're The Millers is a giant step above any other straight comedy this summer. Unlike that summer bomb The Hangover III, it's actually funny. We're The Millers takes a basic story about drug smuggling and revels in offensive, off color, adult oriented humor while touching on many modern themes without ever becoming annoying or repetitive. Yes, the run time is a bit long but overall it's a movie that audiences could watch a second or third time.

We're The Millers finally utilizes Jason Sudeikis to his full comedic potential. Unlike so many of his movies, he's not playing second fiddle to anyone this time around. His natural wit, timing and facial expressions carry the film even when the length starts becoming a minor problem. This was also a welcomed change for a seasoned Jennifer Aniston. She finally takes a chance by breaking out of her standard lightweight comedy mold with We're The Millers and succeeds even if she doesn't really fit the role of a stripper. Relative newcomer Will Poulter is probably the best part of the movie. His performance as virginal Kenny is easily the funniest part of the movie. Emma Roberts also stars and has some funny lines, but ultimately stands around looking like a homeless bitch with a chip on her shoulder.

We're The Millers is nothing genius. In fact, it has a few rough edges. The bad guys aren't anything new. The run time gets in the way. And Ed Helms is almost completely wasted as the main villain. But, it's still one of the best comedies this summer season. If you're looking for some laugh out loud moments and offensive sexually charged humor, give this one a shot.

-Review by Chris George