New To Blu: Olympus Has Fallen

Yes, Olympus has fallen. It has fallen directly in to a pit of regurgitated unused Die Hard plots that beg me to suspend my disbelief throughout every common plot device ever used in a Harrison Ford action film. The movie is an honest to goodness action packed shambles that could have used a strong dose of Bruce Willis to round out it's nonsensical terrorist plots and overall ignorance of reality. What this cast is doing in this film, I have absolutely no idea. But, they should seriously consider finding work outside of Antoine Fuqua's patriotic realm of useless action movies. 

Fuqua has made some great stuff over the years. Training Day is a modern gangland classic that embodied character development and the environment in which it took place. Olympus Has Fallen is nowhere near as good and actually had me questioning whether this was really the same director. The movie lacks the grit and characteristic charm that could have made it so much better.  For me, it was just way too predictable and could have notched it up with some grandiose plot twists. Instead the movie plays by the rules and follows the standard guidelines for American action cinema. But the big question still remains. What is this cast doing here?

As an action film, there are a few well choreographed sequences. But, they're ultimately ruined by a sloppy plot and overbearing sense that America will overcome all evil. Fuqua's patriotic duties to Olympus Has Fallen took me out of the cinema making me feel like waving a flag while singing the national anthem to my heart's content. In that aspect, the movie feels like pro-America propaganda (which is fine) that disrespects other nation's leaders by killing them with no repercussions or remorse. And still, what is this cast doing here? 

Olympus Has Fallen is a strong contender for a rental but is definitely not worth your money at the box office. You've seen it all before. The foreigners have a fascination with destroying our homeland. One strong willed American takes down a whole invading force single-handedly while avoiding almost all bodily harm. And this is reality.

-Review by Chris George