Trailers: Robocop (2014) What Do You Think?

From the director of the seriously bad ass and bloody brutal Brazilian cop dramas, Elite Squad, Jose Padilha makes his American film debut with the Robocop remake. Though it appears to be a typical American summer blockbuster, I'm holding out hope that something a little more special can come from Padilha's grittier perspective.

Bonus points for the return of the gray metal suit (albeit most likely short lived), but subtracting points for the lack of Clarence Boddicker completely ruining Alex Murphy's life starting with blowing each of his limbs off. Will this still be good? Yeah, it will probably be very fun, but it's looking like it will be in serious need of the engrossingly tragic story Paul Verhoeven gave us in 1987.

What do you think of the new trailer?

-J.G. Barnes