Halloween Horror #1: Bad Milo

There is a definite lack of horror films about monsters that live inside of asses.....

While I think I may be the butt of many jokes for admitting this (and hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass), I love films that take place inside individual’s colons.  Movies like this are as rare as a rose growing on Uranus and I get so excited to finally see one.  Bad Milo is the best movie about ass monsters you will see all year!

All jokes aside, Bad Milo has a very hilarious premise: a man has an affliction where every time he gets stressed out, a horrible monster comes out of his butt and gruesomely murders the person causing the problem for him.  Of course, there is no way this could be taken seriously, and the movie is billed as a horror/comedy. It is somewhat like a very gory version of the Gremlins/Ghoulies movies with a lot of toilet humor thrown in.  Some of the jokes fall flat but overall there are some laughs to be had and most of the writing is snappy and witty.  Bad Milo was produced by the Duplass Brothers, who are known for making quirky independent movies and it doesn’t stray too far from their usual modus operandi.

The budget seemed to be a bit high for a movie like this, and as a result, the special effects are done very well.  They used an actual animatronic puppet for the ass monster and it looks awesome and realistic. I always give a movie extra props for using practical special effects in lieu of CG. They somehow managed to make the monster look adorable at times-- maybe we can get an ass monster toy line released in the near future!  There is quite a bit of gore but it always comes off more funny than horrifying.  Ken Marino, who plays the unfortunate main character, is hilarious and perfect for the role. The side characters are rather forgettable and not very fleshed out.

Bad Milo is a unique indie take on the horror genre and is even touching at times. While a lot of people might pass this movie up from hearing the plot alone, they would be missing out on a little gem. B-movie fans should definitely take a look and I can see this movie becoming a cult film in the future.

-Review by Michelle Kisner