Movie News: Army of Darkness 2

Alright you primitive screwheads, here's the Evil Dead news you've been waiting for...
It appears that Bruce Campbell was not just spouting off about another Evil Dead movie starring our favorite deadite smasher. Rumors are circling today that it's all true and that Sam Raimi is back on board as director in a direct sequel to Army of Darkness. 

While I'd be happier to see Ash battle the possessed undead back at the cabin, it appears that there may be some plans to cross over the remake with the original. Sequel director Fede Alvarez is the one saying that Mr. Raimi will be helming Army of Darkness 2.

The original Evil Dead films have such a rabid fanbase, I can't believe they haven't made this happen yet. But it seems that the wheels may be turning on the long awaited return of Ash. 

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