New To Blu: RIPD

One of the worst films of the summer hits blu ray today.

It takes a lot for me to despise a movie. Typically, there will be some redeeming quality that will make the theater experience somewhat enjoyable. In the case of RIPD, there is not one moment that piqued my interest or sense of humor. The film is the absolute epitome of Hollywood's desire to rape and pillage every idea that's come before. From the trailers it was easy to see that the film was a cash grab in a summer without a Men In Black film.

RIPD is an exact replica of the Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith blockbuster franchise while it steals the formula and mixes in some terribly rendered dead guys. I'm embarrassed for Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Neither of them deserve the career punishment of this god awful film. Honestly, this is the worst thing that either of them have had the poor luck of starring in.

Stealing plot points is something that's been extremely apparent in summer films of late. RIPD takes the cake. Really, how many movies do we need about a wormhole opening in the sky so the bad guys can come to earth and take over? Sorry. That's the closest to a spoiler we've ever gotten and we apologize. But, this is just insulting to a paying audience that would probably respect some originality. Transformers 3, The Avengers, Man of Steel, and now RIPD have all done it. Is there anyone out there with half a brain that can come up with something new?

Not only does the film lack any creative thinking story wise, it's also an abomination for two talented actors. The director of RIPD must have told Jeff Bridges to do his best to replicate Agent K without any apprehension. Bridges plays a surly old man that's been working for the RIPD for years. He's annoyed with the new cadet. Sound familiar? Ryan Reynolds is newest member of the force that doesn't quite understand how the rules work. Get my point yet? While they gave Bridges the go ahead to use a heavy southern accent and drawl, it's quite apparent what they were going for.

The movie is a perfect specimen of plot theft that borders on plagiarism. There is nothing about the film that makes it worthwhile. Simply put, this movie should have vanquished in development hell, far away from the local multiplex. Poor Ryan Reynolds. First Green Lantern and now this. Would somebody give this guy a break? He could use it.

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-review by Chris George

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