Ten of The Best Movies You've Probably Never Seen

We're just presuming you've never seen these movies. If you have, great. If not, check out this list and find out about some of the best movies you've probably never seen. This list is in no specific order.

The Kid With A Bike - A movie about misguided youth and the struggle for acceptance is one of the most heartfelt cinematic experiences of the last few years. It's a moving portrait of one boy's growth from troubled childhood while finally finding a surrogate parental unit to fill the void in his life. It's a slow paced drama that has a big heart and an excellent performance from child actor, Thomas Doret.

Chopper - This true life story of Mark 'Chopper' Read is a journey that must be experienced first hand. Eric Bana delivers a dead on impersonation of the title character while offering up the performance that kick started his career as a film actor. Chopper is ultra violent and painfully vulgar at times, but from what I've heard, this is a spot on representation of the modern crime legend. Don't wait anymore. See this movie.

Mesrine Parts One and Two - Not many films can compete with Goodfellas or Scarface in tone or scale. Yet, Mesrine is an epic true life crime drama that can give either of those a run for their money. It's a massive story that had to be split in to two separate movies in order to capture the full scope of Mesrine's life as public enemy #1. Vincent Cassel stars as the title character and does his usual best to own the screen.

The Devil's Double - Another true life story makes the list with The Devil's Double. This is the story of Uday Hussein's body double, Latif Yahia. The film redefines on screen evil with its representation of Saddam Hussein's vile offspring. The film is absolutely realistic in its presentation and never hesitates in its use of cruelty and bloodshed. Despite the violent tone, The Devil's Double gives the viewer a chance to experience life through the eyes of a man being manipulated to pose as one of the world's most hated people.

DIG! - This is the quintessential rock and roll documentary that you've most likely never seen. The film chronicles the rivalry between The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols in stunning detail that will change your view of the drug addled rock and roll lifestyle. It's an eye opening experience that shows how some bands make it and some don't. This is the type of rock doc that you can watch over and over again to marvel at the contemptuous self affirmed rock genius Anton Newcombe and his discontent with the industry as a whole and his struggle to deal with the Dandy Warhols short lived time in the spotlight.

Outrage - American gangster film directors should take a couple notes from Takeshi Kitano. This is how its done. In all honesty, this is one of the best Yakuza movies I've ever seen. Kitano stars and directs this movie about the struggle for power in the modern age of drug trafficking and hyper violent gang warfare. Outrage is bloody in all the right places and features a cold hearted, vengeance seeking portrayal from longtime director and star, Kitano.

Moon - This science fiction movie came along in 2009 and completely changed the modern perception of how sci fi should be done. Like a lengthened episode of the Twilight Zone, Moon was a refreshing piece of lower budget film making that didn't rely on special effects and CGI, but instead rested on a great, non-typical story and another great performance from Sam Rockwell. Moon uses practical effects and is truly an enigma in a time when science fiction is ruled by massive budgets and predictable plot devices.

The Loved Ones - Horror fans should be delighted to know that there's a movie out there like The Loved Ones. This film takes an uninspired genre and completely turns it on its head. This is easily one of my favorite horror films of the last couple years and should be on your list of must see films for Halloween this year. As usual, Australian films just seem to get it right. The Loved Ones blends standard horror ideas with a twisted sense of humor and some scenes of frustratingly violent acts.

Candy - Contrary to popular belief, The Joker was not Heath Ledger's best role. The drug fueled drama, Candy offers the most earnest and emotionally draining performance of his short lived career. The movie is a heart breaking tale of a love tainted by heroin use, obsession, and prostitution. The beautiful Abbie Cornish shares the screen with Ledger in this heart wrenching motion picture that should have been the one to define Ledger's legacy.

The Big Blue - Luc Besson's 1988 film, The Big Blue, is not only a visual spectacle but a flash forward into the director's future. The movie predates Leon (The Professional) and offers up a stunning look inside the world of free divers with amazing performances from Jean Reno, Rosanna Arquette and Jean-Mark Barr. This is an inspiring piece about the bonds of friendship and human endurance. You should really take the time to see this one.

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-Chris George