Article: An Open Letter to Rude Theater Patrons

An open letter to rude theater patrons......

I've never used this site as an area to rant. But the last couple times I've been to theater have made me realize something that I hate to say. I think that my time spent in the movie theater could eventually diminish to the point of only seeing the movies that are "must see". In spite of my better judgement, I go to see movies I don't even think I'll like because that's what being critical entails. Sometimes there will be a standout film that makes me realize that I might be too judgmental of certain genres or actors. As an example, I'll use Channing Tatum. Three years ago, I thought he was a talentless hack barren of anything to offer in Hollywood. Now, some of his films have been enjoyable to the point that going to the theater to see a 21 Jump Street sequel might be a viable option. And after all, the G.I. Joe films weren't his fault. But, I'm getting way off topic here. Let's get to the point. My enjoyment of Channing Tatum should not be ruined by your terrible habits.

Going to the movies costs money. In fact, to go to a standard film, the average theater goer will spend roughly $22.25 between admission and concessions. That's not cheap and doesn't take into account the added cost of 3D or Imax. So, why do so many theater goers insist on ruining the 90-125 minutes of escapist fun with rude behavior and things they might not even do at home? Why doesn't management intercede and why do most theater patrons not care or get up to complain to a manager? Well, to be honest, I'm that guy. I will complain. I will yell in a darkened theater. I will not allow you and your disrespect to hamper my good time. But, I shouldn't even have to write this article or be that guy that has to complain. You should know better.

In the last two nights, I ventured out to see Carrie and Thor: The Dark World. Both nights were annoying and fueled by people with no respect for fellow movie fans.

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45 minutes in to Carrie, two women walked in and took seats directly in front of me. The girl on the right had her phone out, made two phone calls, was on Facebook, and was texting. This continued for nearly twenty minutes. She obviously didn't pay for the admission. Their movie must have let out and they decided to sneak in to catch the last half of telekinetic Chloe Grace Moretz killing people at prom. Finally, I yelled out in the middle of the theater, "Put the phone down!!!!". She promptly gave me a dirty look and proceeded to put the phone back in her purse while she cursed me under her breath. The phone never came back out. But why on earth do you need to use your phone during a movie? You're there to enjoy the cinema. If you want to use your phone or want to social network with your fellow loser friends, stay at home on your couch and don't invade my space, or better yet my wallet. I just paid for you to ruin my night and waste my money. Please pay the same admission I just did or get the hell out.

Now comes the tale of Thor: The Dark World. This was a whole new experience for me. Ever heard of the electronic cigarette? Well, they're annoying and completely uncalled for in a movie theater. If you want to smoke, go outside and keep your habit to yourself. But, that's not the point. These things have super bright lights on them. Green, blue, red, pink, you make the choice. Tonight, this guy has this e-cigarette out in a packed theater and the green light is glaring right in the corner of my 3D glasses. This is highly annoying and migraine inducing. So, I get up and go to complain to a manager. The manager eventually comes in, tells the guy to put it away, and leaves the theater quickly. Five minutes later, out comes the damn e-cigarette again. I don't understand. Why do these people want to ruin everyone else's experience while making themselves feel at home? How would they feel if someone did the same to them?

Again, I don't like to rant. This isn't what this site is about. But I beg of you, please be respectful of other people. Please put the phone down. Please put the cigarette away. Please shut the hell up. If you want to talk, stay home and hang with your friends (if you have any). Don't ruin someone else's good time because your parents didn't teach you basic respect for your fellow human beings. You never know. Some people might not be able to afford to go the movies all the time. They might really be looking forward to seeing something. And you're just the person to kill their fun with stupid habits and an addiction to social networking.

-Chris George