Cinematic Releases: Dallas Buyers Club

The true life story of Ron Woodroof makes its way to the screen this week.

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto offer two of the best performances of their overwhelmingly dynamic careers with this week's release of Dallas Buyers Club. This is a passionate feature that chronicles the early years of the AIDS virus, the controlling factions that profited from the disease, and the few that stood against the odds by forming their own prescription drug clubs in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS and the certain slow death they were facing. Dallas Buyers Club is one of the stand out films of 2013 and will most definitely be a top contender for best picture, best actor, and best supporting actor.

McConaughey has always been a great actor that doesn't stick to one type of role. With this movie he not only shines but brings a defined human element that most other male leads could only strive for. Much like Christian Bale in The Mechanic, McConaughey is nothing but bone and skin as he plays the real life role of Ron Woodroof with stunning clarity and ease. The amount of weight loss he went through for this role is a true testament to his dedication as an actor and leading man. The always transformative Jared Leto took a break from his 30 Second To Mars front man status to return to the screen in the best role of his strange and varied career. Anyone that questions Leto's talents as an actor needs to step back and finally see him as the artist he is. His role in Dallas Buyers Club is the kind that makes careers and delivers golden statues come Oscar time.

In all fairness, there is not one gripe with Dallas Buyers Club. This is exactly how a true life story should be done. It presents flawed characters that are at war with their own bodies while doing battle with the corporate backed FDA that wanted little else than to cash in on the disease. Jean-Marc Vallee (director) brings the story to the screen without ever become gratuitous or judgmental. This is a real life drama brought to the screen with near perfection. Not since Philadelphia have we had another AIDS based drama that presented the crisis in such an emotionally draining but sincere fashion.

If you want your heart tugged a little while getting to see McConaughey and the often missing Jared Leto do what they do best, see Dallas Buyers Club. It's one of the best films I've seen in 2013. I really hope audiences flock to see it despite its heavy topic. Both lead actors deserve your attention.

-Review by Chris George