Do The Right Thing: An Appeal To Spike Lee

Spike Lee is at it again. Please, shut up.


Mr. Lee, please explain to me exactly who you think you are.

In my estimation, you're a film maker whose flame died out years ago but can't face the simple fact that its over. It's okay. It happens all the time. Accept that you had your time in the spotlight and please just go away. When you're relegated to making slightly above average remakes of cult films like Oldboy, maybe its time to realize that you don't have a creative thought left in that unrelenting critical mind of yours. When you go from making modern masterpieces like Malcolm X to heartless trash like Miracle At St. Anna, it might simply be time to revoke your status as a director and go away silently without bashing everyone else in the industry.

First off, you play the race card more than any of the supposed racists you assume are making the films that you so despise. Django Unchained was not a racist film. It was a period piece that captured the dialogue and racially charged attitude of that era. It went on to win numerous accolades. Jealous much? Why on earth did you have to bash Tarantino repeatedly for one of the best films of 2012? People LOVED that movie.

Whenever I was in a conversation regarding Django, the first couple things that were brought up were the language and the graphic violence. But it was always in reference to how no one could believe that people talked like that or treated fellow human beings in such a disgusting manner. The film was not racist. The people it represented were. And if I remember correctly, the main character Django, had his way with the "white devil" by killing everyone who had done him wrong. That seems rather empowering to me. What was your problem with this movie? I forgot. It was successful. Something you haven't experienced in years.

What's more racist, the movie about a freed slave killing the white people that tortured his wife or the movie about World War 2 vets speaking modern slang? I would vote for the latter.

Secondly, when you make a film and your name is attached as the director, you have a responsibility to your talent whether it be the stars, the supporting cast, the guy that refills your cup of coffee, or the man who designed art for the film. How on earth did you become such a self righteous person that would dismiss a artist that submitted work for YOUR film? Find a way to get Juan Luis Garcia compensation for his hard work and art. You have the money. You have the connections. Do the right thing, Spike.

At this point, I am convinced that Spike Lee is a hate filled, deceitful, jealous little man with no remorse for stealing art work from a man that designed posters for Spike's latest in a long string of flops. Until you decide to make the proper decision, this avid film goer will no longer see your movies. They typically suck anyways.

-Christopher George