New to Blu: Violet and Daisy

This week sees the long awaited release of the 2011 film Violet and Daisy on blu ray. 

Violet & Daisy is not going to win any awards for originality. Its another in a long of movies that will further convince you what effect the loss of James Gandolfini will have on the world of movies. Although Violet and Daisy is a starring vehicle for Saoirse Ronan and the forever teen Alexis Bledel, Gandolfini gives an intimate portrayal that is a further testament to the man's talent but is also a sad reminder of the poor health he was in. In Violet and Daisy he looks physically exhausted but still gives his all with a emotionally draining performance as a man with no future. In a sense, this made the movie even harder to watch.

Ever since The Professional, we've been treated to several movies where teenage girls are featured as guns for hire. As the trend goes, Violet and Daisy sticks to a rather formulaic presentation of its two leading ladies. They're both very nice to look at but neither ever bring much weight to either of the characters. Bledel and Ronan are both talented in their own ways, but sadly this movie never really gives them any time to express themselves other than to paint them as mostly vacant teens with a desire for violence and a sickening dedication to one another. Despite a few scenes of emotive chemistry between Ronan and Gandolfini, Violet and Daisy is void of the sentimental impact this film could have had.

Violet and Daisy fails on many fronts. However, there are some scenes that definitely garner some artistic merit. When the movie veers off in to the imagination of one of the title characters, it suddenly becomes a stunning vision full of life and color. This was my favorite part of the film. Still, it meanders too long on typical plot archetypes and never gives us enough character development to really care for these beautiful girls leading a life of crime.

If you're looking for some filler to accentuate your weekend, maybe give this one a look. It's one of Gandolfini's last roles in which he gives a sad, heartfelt performance. But don't expect very much. It's just another average movie about teenage girls with guns killing people.

-Review by Chris George