Cinematic Releases: Anchorman 2

Ron Burgundy and his merry band of morons returns to cinemas this week...
"Ride it."

The first Anchorman was an outrageously pleasant surprise loaded with over the top humor and a comedic sensibility so stupid you couldn't help but laugh at it. The second film continues this trend but becomes a bloated mess after the first ninety minutes. 

With comedies, the simpler more focused route is always the better choice. In Anchorman 2, we get an overextended mishmash effort of needless plot twists and tons of senseless jokes that just fall flat. However, its still a viable sequel that will have you laughing throughout. Fans of the original will definitely enjoy the majority of the film but will probably wonder why they decided on making this a two hour movie. It was unnecessary, slightly annoying, and made the script feel extremely unrefined. 

"When do I get my
own movie? Huh?"
While the film is once again focused on Will Ferrell's fictional counterpart Ron Burgundy, there is one star of the show. His name is Steve Carell. He owns this movie from beginning to end. His portrayal of Brick Tamland is absolutely hilarious but completely off putting and gloriously stupid at the same time. But that's the point. The other news team members, played by Paul Rudd and David Koechner, take a backseat to Carell's antics throughout the whole film. But its easy to see why. Carell (the funniest of the four) was born to play this kind of dopey but confused/wholesome character. Ferrell's performance is quite routine by now. Once again, he's an overgrown man child with a foul mouth and grating personality. What else would you expect? Is he funny? Sure. Just don't expect anything new or out of the ordinary.

"Kanye, you're such
a douche."
After years of waiting, Anchorman 2 is a worthy sequel that carries on the legacy of Ron Burgundy and his mindless cohorts. The nonsensical plot twists and offensive jokes never stop for two whole hours. Two hours? I laughed. I cried. I wrestled a baby shark. Then I got uncomfortable in my seat.

Audiences are given a slew of unexpected cameos and an ultimate payoff that will satisfy fans of the original. Yet, the film is way too long and unfocused. If thirty minutes would have been chopped off, this could have been just as solid as the original. If you're looking for another classic, this is not it. But it will make you laugh during the year we got The Hangover III. That alone counts for something. 

-Review by Chris George