Cult Cinema: Surf Nazis Must Die

Michelle's review of Surf Nazis Must Die!!!

"My chest is the best thing
about this movie!"
I miss the old days when roving gangs used to wear matching theme uniforms and had sweet ass names like Pipeliners and Samurai Surfers. Now all we have are the boring old Bloods and Crips and unfortunately they just don’t have the pizzazz or fashion sense of gangs from the 1980’s. Surf Nazis Must Die covers the often missed territory of films about Neo-Nazi gang members who also like to go surfing. They wear wetsuits with Swastikas painted on them—seriously, this is the kind of hilarious stuff that used to fly back in the day. It’s brought to you by your friendly neighborhood schlock-peddler Troma Films and has the usual amount of wacky characters, boobs and violence you would expect.

The premise of the movie is classic 1980’s weirdness but it overstays its welcome rather quickly.  For one thing, there are way too many slow-motion surfing scenes.  Yes, I know this movie is about Surf Nazis but literally a third of the film is just dudes surfing and I am assuming they did it as filler.  If you are really into surfing you will probably be stoked but it just goes on for way too long and really slows down the movie.

"Free candy for everyone!"
There isn’t a whole lot of action and many scenes are of just the characters talking to each other which highlights the terrible writing and dialogue. I don’t watch a movie about Surf Nazis for the witty repartee, I watch it for…well, I don’t know what I watch it for actually, but talking ain't it. I ended up being very bored by the end of the movie and that’s the kiss of death for a cult film.  One bright spot was the soundtrack--it has a very catchy synthesizer score. Surf Nazis Must Die just isn’t very fun to watch despite the admittedly funny concept and I can’t recommend it as a B movie fan.

- Review by Michelle Kisner