Cinematic Releases - Devil's Due

Is Devil's Due still born or a refreshing take on the demon baby trend? Find out here.

"Awww..honey, look at
little Lucifer!!!"
Why are we such fools that we keep falling for the same old bait and switch? Why do we keep telling the Hollywood elite that it's okay to charge us money for these poorly edited found footage films? Why is the marketing so damn good that I always convince myself that the "next one will be better"? When will we realize that this bag of tricks is empty? And trust me, no one is gonna refill that sack any time soon.

Devil's Due is symptomatic of Hollywood's current trend to mislead its audience into thinking that the next one of these movies will be the end all be all horror film of the year. Just like everyone else, I fall for it. Then disappointment sets in with the realization that what could have been a really cool movie about a devil baby is just another in a long line of terribly conceived ideas that manipulate the audience through carefully planned marketing tactics. Devil's Due is just that. It's all about the commercials and the viral devil baby video.

"Thumbs up for total
The only movie that's ever pulled off the found footage style is Chronicle. That movie GOT IT RIGHT. Why can't anyone else seem to grasp the idea that this style can be used to make something unique, something creative, and something absolutely horrifying? Real life can be a scary thing. So, why is it so hard to transpose a fictional story to a realistic filming style in an effort to scare the hell out of people? Devil's Due fails on all these fronts. It's just another sad retread of horror tropes and scares ripped from other, better genre films.

"Got any Visine? If I get pulled
over I'm screwed!"
The idea of Devil's Due was interesting in its new telling of the classic devil baby story, but as a whole its just another movie with characters that engage in stupid activity after stupid activity as horrific things happen around them. Why do the people in these movies always do the most random and absolutely inane things just as the crap hits the fan? Just like Paranormal Activity 4, we're teased with a situation that would make any grown man piss himself. But in typical found footage fashion, the last act is a total let down that destroys anything good the movie had going for it.

Do yourself a big fat favor. Beware devil babies and sexy pregnant chicks. They're no good. And if you end up with one, make sure to be carrying a handheld camera cause things might get ugly.

-Review by Chris George