Exclusive: Chasing Fortune

Take Action Films has granted us access to their documentary, Chasing Fortune. Here's our review.

Sometimes fame can come easy. And it can just as easily be taken away. As a life long fan of INXS, JD Fortune defined the second coming of the band. His untimely departure (in my eyes) was the final nail in their cash filled coffin. Chasing Fortune takes us on journey from Nova Scotia to the west coast and back again with a frustrated but always energetic Jason Dean Bennison.

In 2005, JD Fortune won Rock Star: INXS and became the front man for the now legendary Australian rock band. Despite the daunting task of trying to fill the large shoes of Michael Hutchence, many fans flocked to the chance at seeing their favorite band live again. JD brought new life and a youthful reinvigorated energy to the thirty year old act and offered the best live representation of the band's music since 1997. Sadly, Fortune did not secure a long time position in the band. Chasing Fortune chronicles JD's new life as an artist on the prowl for a record deal.

Chasing Fortune paints JD as a vulnerable artist whose ego tends to get in the way at times. Possibly his own worst enemy, Fortune is definitely one thing: a man dedicated to his craft. The movie mostly paints him in a positive light, while still giving the audience an intimate look at some of JD's personality flaws. In that aspect, JD deserves much praise. Instead of omitting what could be seen as a negative by fans, Chasing Fortune lays it all on the table allowing viewers to make their own decision about the man, the myth, and the creative ball of energy that should really have a record deal.

For people hoping to get an inside scoop on INXS, Chasing Fortune doesn't go in depth about that debacle, but offers up a few short minutes in which JD emotes about why he was no longer in the band. It's just enough information to mildly satisfy fans and lets us know that there was an inherent power struggle that ultimately led to his departure.

For loyal fans of JD, Chasing Fortune could be a frustrating journey. His charisma, talent and dynamic flair are what TRUE rock stars are made of. This is apparent in everything he does. Why doesn't he have a solo record deal? Why is he still not on top of the world with INXS? Why is this dude that made a lot of money touring the world relegated to living out of a car or a storage rental? We get some brushed over answers but not all that we want. It could have easily been twenty minutes longer.

We thank Take Action Films for granting us access to the movie.

-Review by Chris George