Gaming: Playstation NOW!!!!

Sony is about to revolutionize the gaming world with another new online service. Check it out!

Ever since the release of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, gamers have pined for backward compatibility or the ability to play games from their old system on their new system. Sony has stepped up to the plate, big-time, with the announcement of Playstation Now.
It's an online service that allows to you instantly stream Playstation games from the past three system generations. If you feel like playing the classic "Twisted Metal 2" with friends, but don't want to dig out your dusty PS1, memory cards, and controllers, it's not a problem. Just pay a rental fee, or subscribe to Playstation Now, and it'll come to you right over your PS3, PS4, or Vita. Since it's streaming, it won't take up any of your precious hard drive space.
The thing that tantalizes me most about Playstation Now is Sony's promise that, in the near future, this service will be available for tablets, smartphones and even Sony Bravia televisions. That's right, stream God of War: Ascension right to your TV without your console present. Sony also claims that the service will be available to non-Sony televisions down the road.
I was a bit puzzled last year when Sony purchased streaming content provider Gaikai for $380 million. "Okay, you have loads of cloud storage capabilities. Now what?" Well, here's the answer.
The beta for Playstation Now will start at the end of January, and Sony expects it to be fully functional and available to all consumers by this summer. As of now, no price has been announced for the Playstation Now subscription service or whether it will be tied together with Playstation Plus, Sony's Xbox Live Arcade-like service.
The only games announced so far are The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension and Puppeteer, all PS3 games. But the list is expected to grow exponentially by the time the service launches. Personally, I can't wait to stream Okami HD right to my PS3.

Time will tell if Playstation Now can deliver everything it promises, and I haven't been able to find out how much bandwidth you'll need to stream PS3 games. But at first glance, PS Now looks like a game changer, providing the backward compatability we've all wanted for decades. Now I need to find something else to whine about.
-Tom McDaniel