Interviews: Bryan McClure, Star of Space Command Redemption

The Movie Sleuth has a chance to talk to Bryan McClure, star of a new crowd funded project called Space Command. 

Bryan McClure has been cast in Space Command, the first in a new six-part film series from the makers of Star Trek and various other science-fiction greats. McClure fills us in on the upcoming feature, and how he managed to score the lead.

TMS: Congrats on "Space Command". How did the audition come about? Was it something you heard about online?

BM:Thanks for the congrats! I’m very excited to be a part of “Space Command”! I don’t remember exactly how the audition came about, but there were various different places the audition notice was posted. I think on the actors submission site, Actor’s Access, the Space Command website, and so on. I think I heard some people talking about it, so I checked it out.

TMS: There's talk that the film will be a trilogy. Does that depend on the success of the first film, or is it likely to happen either way?

BM: Space Command is actually more than just a trilogy. It's 6 feature length films. There's too much excitement behind the series for them not to happen. It's just a matter of when everything comes together behind the scenes in order to start filming. The creater, Marc Zicree, is writing all 6 films (some with co-writers) and that takes a little time. He's written for a lot of major sci fi television shows like Sliders, Deep Space 9 and Star Trek to name a few. He really knows how to write interesting stories. In fact, he was recently given an award by the Writer's Guild of America for having written one of the top 101 television series with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

TMS: What science-fiction films does the script remind you of?

BM: The series itself is a unique story line with a lot of different elements I’ve never seen before. Marc’s big on creating things he’s never seen before and his entire life has been dedicated to his love of science fiction, so he’s seen a lot of the stuff that’s out there. However, if I had to make a comparison, I’d say that it’s most similar to Star Wars.

TMS: Will there be any physical preparation in the lead-up to filming?

BM:There will be some physical prep prior to filming. Some of the actors more than others. Some fight choreography has already been talked about.

TMS:What's your favorite space movie?

BM: My favorite space movies are either the Star Wars movies or...Space Balls! Ha!

TMS: Star Wars? Spaceballs? We can get down with that. We can't wait to see what happens with this project.