Movie News: Gil Gadot Signed 3 Picture Wonder Woman Deal

Gil Gadot is not only in Batman Vs. Superman but several movies.

Some are already displeased with the casting choice of Gil Gadot as Wonder Woman. Well, those people (including myself) are about to swallow a big old pill of apprehension considering Gadot has reportedly signed on to not only star as the Amazonian ass kicker in Batman Vs. Superman, but has signed a three picture deal to star in Justice League and a solo Wonder Woman flick. 

Don't get me wrong, she was one of the better parts of the last couple Fast and Furious movies. However, I still have a hard time picturing her taking on the role of Wonder Woman. But at this point, we should stop with the negativity and just accept the fact that this is what we're getting. 

With the total rewrite happening on the film and some other decent casting decisions, this movie might finally find its way. -CG