Movie News: Star Wars Is Ready to Roll

Apparently there's been a lot of changes in the Star Wars galaxy....

"I'll hold off the Jar Jar jokes!"

JJ Abrams is reporting that the script for Star Wars Episode VII is finished and ready to roll this May. After the departure of Michael Arndt, Abrams went back to the drawing board with Empire Strikes Back helmer Lawrence Kasdan and did a complete overhaul on what would have been a story centered on the Solo offspring. 

Well, that's not the case anymore. Insiders are reporting that Episode VII will in fact continue the Skywalker legacy with Luke's son being the central focal point of the series. This is a good thing. The first two trilogies were centered on the Skywalker family, so should the third. It really seems like Abrams is going above and beyond to make sure everything about this movie is absolutely right while he tries to appease fans that are still bitter over the sub par prequel series. 

I give Abrams a lot of credit for taking this on. After rabid Star Trek fans dismissed his reboot of that series as popcorn action fluff, its nice to see that he still has the ambition to attack the most beloved franchise in the history of cinema. 

But what I really want is more lens flare. -CG