Movie News: Tarantino Suing Over Leaked Script!

Tarantino is about to go Reservoir Dogs style on Gawker.

Mr. Tarantino is not too happy about the leaked Hateful Eight script. And he's about to let the gimp out of the box. After totally shelving the project, Quentin is preparing to sue the living daylights out of Gawker Media for their total disregard for his creative work. 

They published the unreleased script on their website under a linked post called "Here Is The Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script". How totally ignorant of them. After several DMCA notices to remove the copyrighted material, Gawker refused, prompting Tarantino to take legal action. Gawker claims that Tarantino wanted the script published online for consumption. We'll see how this plays out. Either way it's disappointing cause this could have been a cool movie.