New To Blu: Last Vegas

The powerhouse comedic team up of these 4 actors proves to be an unexpected surprise.

"Why am I looking at this hooker?
I'm married to Phoebe Cates!!
Phoebe Cates!!!"
Like so many other people, when I first saw the trailers for Last Vegas, I dismissed it as a geriatric version of The Hangover. In all actuality, it's not. Last Vegas is a simplistic yet pleasant piece about aging friendships and the challenges of growing older. With a top tier cast and a just above average script, Last Vegas is a fun movie with perfectly executed performances from all its leads.

Unlike Kevin Kline, these three other male stars have become caricatures of themselves these past few years. Deniro always plays the heavy handed dad or scathing gangster. Michael Douglas is usually the typical every man in some kind of trouble. And (despite my respect for him) Morgan Freeman has fallen in to the trappings of always playing Morgan Freeman. 

Last Vegas was a change of pace for each of them. At last, each of these fine actors take a step back and redefine themselves as 4 of the best actors around while starring in one of 2013's most lighthearted comedies. The always youthful Mary Steenburgen takes up the challenge of a support role while always holding her own against her male counterparts. 

"I just love orange juice!
Did you say Phoebe Cates?"
Comedies like these don't come along often. Last Vegas isn't offensive in the least bit. It doesn't use potty humor or over use profanity to drive its point home. It's a simple old school comedy that has fun with its audience as we see life through the eyes of three aging men that want to experience the fun of youth once again. 

If you're looking for something fun to watch without the worry of Hangover like humor, check this one out. Although its not anything extraordinary, you'll enjoy these characters and the simple story it offers.

-Review by Chris George