New To Blu: Short Term 12

One of the better character studies of 2013 got released to the world on blu ray this week. 

"I'm sorry. Did you just say
that they're cancelling The Newsroom?"
Short Term 12 is an emotional powerhouse built upon a solid base of wonderful life like portrayals, heart wrenching back stories and a strong dose of something we call cold hard reality.

Short Term 12 is a unique piece of work that presents its viewer with an inside look at the world of broken and battered foster children while still preserving a glimmering positive light that will leave you with a feeling that everything is going to work out in the end. Short Term 12 was originally a 2008 short that director Destin Cretton finally had a chance to adapt to a full length feature.

"Yes. That's what I said. I'm sorry."
The movie takes you on a journey through the eyes of foster facility counselors played by John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom) and Brie Larson. Both offer an intimacy and realism to their specified roles with two of the most simple yet impactful performances of 2013. Gallagher and Larson's on screen chemistry brings a vested contribution to Short Term 12 that is profoundly appealing and totally believable. Unlike a lot of other on screen romantic relationships, these two seem natural together as they both round out the faults and work to find a mutual resolution to their life long struggles with neglect and abuse.

Short Term 12 is not a light film by any means. It's a sad yet beautiful excursion in to a strange but real world that most people wouldn't want to imagine exists today. This is a story about finding peace within yourself despite all the bad things that may have happened to you at the hands of abusive parents. This is a film about closure and knowing that its not your fault. But most of all, Short Term 12 is about moving on.....with the mentality that life will get a lot better if you let it.

-Review by Chris George
"Noooo!!!! Not The Newsroom. It's my favorite show!"