The Top 5 Holiday Movie Memorabilia Items

Christmas may be a month behind us, but here's the Top 5 pieces of holiday movie memorabilia...

1.       The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story:
The story behind the leg lamp is that it was The Leg Lamp in "A Christmas Story" was a major award that Ralphie's father won. I know there is not much to the story but it still is the most iconic movie memorabilia items of all time.

These are the mugs featured in the movie Christmas Vacation. There is a few scenes in the movie where you see Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold drinking out of them.

3.       Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:
In the Charlie Brown Christmas special there is a small pathetic looking Christmas tree. Charlie fan Browns demanded this product and now it’s sold in stores everywhere every Christmas.

4.       Seinfeld Festivus pole:
Festivus is a well-celebrated parody and has become a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. The holiday became popular after it was shown on Seinfeld.

5.       Home Alone Turtle Doves:
         These are the doves featured in the movie Home Alone. They were given by Kevin to a friend he  made who likes birds.