Cinematic Releases: 3 Days To Kill

Kevin Costner stars in this week's other release, 3 Days To Kill. 

"I'm here to kill this movie."
In the sub-prime movie month of February, it's easy to get lost in a slew of theatrical releases that would otherwise go straight to the home video market. 3 Days To Kill is just that. Advertised as a Luc Besson "project", the movie is a maladjusted spy thriller that can't find even footing much less a succinct plot or method of delivery. 

One part family drama, one part action flick, 3 Days To Kill is unequivocally one of the biggest cinematic failures of Costner's career. It's not his fault that the movie sucks though. He actually does his best to round out McG's latest outing as a notoriously bad and unfocused director. But, with the material he's given, he simply cannot save this sinking ship. Likewise, Amber Heard's mildly erotic yet totally flat characterization only adds to this cinematic lost cause. 3 Days To Kill flounders between the lead character's personal demons and family issues, taking central focus away from the high energy cat and mouse game audiences have paid to see. 

3 Days To Kill starts out like a hard nosed James Bond picture but tragically shifts focus into an unexpected story about a father dedicated to the "job" which inhabits his whole life. Costner tries his hardest to fill the role of calculated agent, but falls short under the direction of a man that couldn't direct his way out of a cardboard box. On another note, these interchangeable villains are non-threatening foreign people with bad accents and handguns, that have no motivation other than being angry little men with metal briefcases. 

Must....get...away from!"
Most critical film goers are aware of McG's lack of creativity or dynamic. On that note, 3 Days To Kill should have been renamed 3 Ways To Kill McG's Career based on these three major points: bad editing, terrible scripting, and all around bad casting. Heard, Nielsen, and Steinfeld all stand around looking pretty but never add anything to this second rate McG flop of the highest order. 

3 Days To Kill will undoubtedly die a box office death like everything else McG does, and deservedly so. This is the definition of predictable nonsense mixed with typical family melodrama and a dash of badly paced action sprinkled on top. Do yourself a solid, see something else. Fight the power.

-Review by Chris George