Cinematic Releases: Endless Love

A week of 80's remakes continues with Endless Love. 

"Red makes me soooo
much hotter! Don't you think?"
Screeching teenage girls and women across the U.S. can rejoice at this Valentine's Day release of another 80's do over called Endless Love. Much like Robocop, this is actually a decent remake that touches on the same themes as the original but modernizes the overall story with brand new twists and several minor plot changes.
The 'R' rating of the original is missing here, making the one sex scene a bit ambiguous with nothing but a mild panty shot and a little bit of skin. Altogether, this Endless Love is lacking the erotic tones of the original but makes up for it with solid performances all around. 

At the core, this is a much fluffier and less sexually charged version of  this romantic tale. It features a great soundtrack and believable portrayals from Alex Pettyfer and the mind boggling beauty known as Gabriella Wilde. However, the best part of the movie is another amazing role from long time character actor, Bruce Greenwood. He's always been good at playing bad, but in Endless Love he goes full bore obsessive crazy ass dad while an aging Joely Richardson stands aside in wonder. Robert Patrick and Rhys Wakefield (The Purge) are both in supporting parts that don't give either of them enough screen time. 
"I just love Eskimo kisses!"

This is another remake that further convinces me that this trend is not that bad after all. The performances are solid, the direction is mediocre, but the story is timeless. Star crossed lovers are torn apart by the controlling and over protective father which leads to all kinds of fun for everyone.

If you like chick flicks or romance with a little sloppy cheese on top, this is a movie you will enjoy to the fullest. 

-Review by Chris George