Cinematic Releases: Go For Sisters

A mother's search for her missing son takes her on a voyage straight into the Mexican world of crime and human trafficking. 

"Put down the sex toy and
come out with your hands up!"
Eclectic film master John Sayles returns from a short absence with the thoughtful and dramatic tale of Go For Sisters. The director behind wonderful character studies like Lone Star, Limbo, and the sports drama Eight Men Out makes a strong effort with his newest original piece of work. Simply put, this is an encouraging effort added to an extensive resume that speaks volumes for Mr. Sayles dedication to creating and delivering whatever he wants, never giving in to the pressures of typical Hollywood expectations.

Reliant on a cast including the endless talents of Edward James Olmos, LisaGay Hamilton, and Yolonda Ross, Go For Sisters is a portrayal of one mother's dedication to a son that's made the wrong life choices leading him right into the gates of a self made hell. As nasty as that might sound, Go For Sisters doesn't take the low road with graphic violence or bloodshed. Instead, Sayles does the polar opposite and offers up a more wholesome approach by shying away from what might have been an extremely violent affair in the hands of a less capable director.

Fueled by a strong script, defined characters, and a devotion to higher meaning, Go For Sisters is one of the strongest independent releases from 2013. The movie moves outside of the standard fare and brings emotional depth back to the forefront as each of these characters are on a journey to change their own lives and those around them. Where this could have easily veered off course into a standard social commentary about human trafficking, Go For Sisters has more at stake. All three of the main characters are quickly moving towards something greater, a different take on life, and an emotional fulfillment they've not felt before. Friendships are formed, bonds are repaired, and lives move forward despite the odds stacked against them.

"Adama is on the job!"
It's not a movie that thrives within the realm of over dramatics. Go For Sisters is ripped from real life. It's a thought provoking piece of work that exists in our world where people get hurt and bad decisions are made. This is reality where a dedicated mother will do anything to find her son. This is the story of a woman that just wants forgiveness for her sins and acceptance as she breaks free from her former life. This is the tale of a former cop that's searching for one last shot at proving himself a worthy detective.

If you have a chance to see this movie, do it.

-Review by Chris George