Cinematic Releases: The Lego Movie

There's tons of fun to be had in The Lego Movie.

"Damn you Michael Bay!"
When it comes to kid's movies, its not often that parents can enjoy the movie just as much as the little ones they've hauled out in the bitter cold at 10:00pm to go see the early screening. Popcorn. Check. Raisinets. Check. Slushy. Check. All is well. Let's get to it. 

The Lego Movie is a rare case where this dad enjoyed the movie just as much as his smiling ten year old son. This film just gets it right. From beginning to end the laughs never stop flowing and the adventure never falters until one minor stumbling block near the end. See what I did there?

Unlike many other ninety minute product placement commercials, The Lego Movie is a jaunt through the whole universe of Lego that never lets up in its constant string of hilarious cameos, in jokes, and jabs at the licensed characters they use in this hyper colorful and wondrous excursion. For the first time ever, a movie that's designed to sell toys put aside its marketing campaign and totally sold me on the characters and story at hand. That might sound bold but it really isn't. The Lego Movie is pure fun from start to finish with great voice acting, fluid animation, a cool story, and tons of classic characters that pop up from time to time.
"Did you just say Gil Gadot? What?"

If you're looking for a piece (I did it again) of wholesome entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, this is it. It's mostly targeted at young boys, but there is a strong female presence that will also keep young girls captivated. Both of us were happy we got to sneak out and see this one tonight. It's the kind of movie that brings innocent fun back to theaters.

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-Review by Chris George