Cult Cinema: This Is Encino

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Like a claustrophobic hybrid mix of Kevin Smith and Guy Ritchie, This Is Encino is a true testament to what can be done with a low budget and actors that know what they're doing.

This black and white movie mixes elements of comedy and crime into a cool and slightly derivative effort that further convinced me of the true merits of today's new found resurgence in independent cinema and the advancements that make little movies like these available for the world to see via the internet. Without support from streaming services, movies like This Is Encino might never see the light of day. And that would be really sad.

Moments of This Is Encino reminded me of the black and white movies we used to make in our creative heyday. but with more focus on pop culture references, actual defined characters and well scripted laughs revolving around the planning of a crime and these new medical ailments that effect society today. There are humorous riffs aimed at ADD, irritable bowel syndrome, and hypochondria, all the while building something we like to call character development.

What's truly astounding is that behind the criminal facade, I found major elements influenced by The Three Stooges in these three divisive criminal leads. We get the straight guy, the moron, and the middleman that plays off his other two idiot counterparts. While its nowhere near perfect, This Is Encino has plenty to keep audiences and fans of indie cinema entertained.

If you're looking for a cheap piece of entertainment, check out This Is Encino on Amazon. It's only $1.99 and its totally worth it. How many times can you say that you saw a movie for that cheap and felt good about supporting the arts while doing so? Give it a shot.

-Review by Chris George