Cinematic Releases: Snowpiercer

The future is a brutally frigid place in Snowpiercer.

"....they just said there's no
such thing as global warming!

Snowpiercer won't make the trek to American cinemas until later this summer when it will go head to head with numerous other comic to film adaptations. But, we've seen the foreign release and can easily say the film is an unrelenting and mildly iconic action powerhouse that never lets up in its persistence of bloodshed and non-stop ass kicking. Built on fearless characters and endless scenes of countless human casualties, Snowpiercer is going to go down as a modern cult classic that some will easily compare to movies like The Matrix.

While the futuristic premise doesn't really add up, the film persuades viewers from its simple and relatively tired plot with some of the best fight sequences since The Raid. Director Joon-Ho Bong is masterful in his delivery of a dark and hopeless future spent aboard a train carrying the last remaining humans through the barren remains of an iced over earth. 

What sets this film apart from other lower budget post apocalyptic fare is its phenomenal casting choices and fight choreography. Snowpiercer stars Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, and Ed Harris in roles that you wouldn't typically expect from them. Aside from Captain America, this is a career high point for Evans. He's motivated by a brooding character that takes him in a totally new direction, far beyond his typical skill set, deeper in to the recesses of the human will to survive. Swinton and Harris are the dastardly villains of high society while Jamie Bell slugs it out for best post modern ice age sidekick. Hurt (in typical form) destroys every actor around him with his normal take charge attitude. 

"Paging Mr. Herman. Mr Herman,
you have a telephone call
at the front desk."
Snowpiercer is not the revelation I expected. But, it's a nuanced piece of action cinema that will test the boundaries of what American viewers will accept in their comic to film cinema offerings. It's a topical excursion in to the future when the world has been frozen by human weather tampering and will keep viewers on their toes with dynamic lighting and edge of your seat fight scenes. The overall premise is a bit silly, but the acting and underdog versus the controlling factions story line will keep viewers entranced with this non-typical cinema offering. See this in theaters or order the foreign blu ray. 

-Chris George