Documentaries: Narco Cultura

Narco Cultura chronicles the disturbing culture that has taken Mexico by storm.

Modern Mexican culture has been overrun by bloodshed, drugs, and the twisted narcos that cause havoc in the streets of the once beautiful country. 

Narco Cultura presents a non-slanted view at how the whole country, but more specifically the city of Juarez, has become a haven for corruption and a circle of violence that has forever changed the mindset of the modern youth of Mexico. This is one of the most disturbing documentaries I've ever seen. Its mind numbing in its realistic presentation of the constant string of murders that have forever stained the streets of Juarez with the blood of thousands,  including innocent bystanders. 

The culture of drugs has become an absolute nightmare for Mexico as a whole. The children look up to the kingpins while the government works in sync with the criminals they're supposed to be apprehending as the hardest criminals become touring pop music icons that spread more violence through their tasteless lyrics and abhorrent drug addled behavior. They bring the music to the U.S. and sell out major auditoriums on the west coast, which in turn expands the disrespect of human life domestically. 

Narco Cultura (if anything) is an eye opening experience about a topic that I had no idea even existed. At times, I couldn't even comprehend the sad state that now exists within the Mexican government and in the population as a whole. Little girls saying they look up to drug pushers and want to live a gangster lifestyle? Healthy young men singing about slitting throats and killing rival gang members?  Narco culture strongly reminds me of the nineties gangster rap phenomenon but pushes the envelope even further with its vivid imagery and total disrespect for human life. This movie captures all the elements in perfect detail, leaving me with a somber, empty feeling of sadness for the people that think this is any way to live. 

If you want a strong dose of reality, this is it. Narco Cultura needs to be seen to understand that we may be on the cusp of losing a whole country to drug kingpins, murderers, lost children, and a government that can't seem to get its own corruption under control. 

-Chris George