Ghostbusters 3: Just Let It Go

It's time to say what everyone is thinking about Ghostbusters 3.

It's time to just let it go. A sequel is not necessary. And a dire reboot is the last thing anyone needs. 

After a 25 year hiatus from this franchise, are either of the ideas really something that the fans are demanding? I think not. In fact, most people are still fine with the original and the sub-par sequel. Why on earth do we need to revisit the well after two and a half decades without a Ghostbusters movie? My kids still enjoy the outdated look and feel of the original films and so do I. It's easy to say that this is fan boy ranting (and it is), but no one else can fill the shoes of the classic cast. Look what happened when Hollywood tried to replace the Three Stooges a couple years ago. It didn't work and it flopped. 

Setting my fan boy anger aside, it's really hard for me to picture a movie that has been the victim of toiling and infighting for years. The script has been rewritten and re-imagined time and time again while Bill Murray refused to come back for a proposed sequel. Now with the passing of Harold Ramis and the departure of Ivan Reitman, nothing seems right about this proposed reboot or passing of the torch. Why disrespect the legacy of Ramis and the original two movies with something that will definitely be sub-par compared to the classics? 

The comedic agility of the eighties is a hard thing to match. Remake after remake after reboot after remake has proven that in most cases it doesn't work. So maybe its time that Dan Akroyd packs up his proton pack and goes home. Ghostbusters 3 should not happen. 

If you have a reason that you think this movie SHOULD happen, please comment below. I'd really like to know why this HAS to happen. Even with Murray agreeing to come back, I'm still not sold.