Movie News: Despite The Rumors, Carrie Fisher Will Be Back For Episode VII

The Star Wars rumor mill is once again churning with more Carrie Fisher news.

"Help me JJ Abrams. You're
my only hope!"
A few weeks ago, various outlets were reporting that Carrie Fisher might possibly be replaced in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. Well, it seems that those rumors can (maybe) finally be cast aside as Legit star Jim Jefferies has all but confirmed that Fisher will be in London shooting the next movie for a length of 6 months.

Jefferies (who Fisher is guest starring with in an episode of Legit) is quoted as saying "She said to me, she goes 'I'm going off to London for six months to film the new Star Wars movie', And I don't think from looking at it, the new Star Wars movie is a direct continuation. It's number 7, but it's not going to be the next day."

This fuels further speculation that Fisher will in fact be back for the continuing Skywalker saga and will most likely be joined by her counterparts, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. Honestly, its time they put this to bed with an official confirmation that the three main actors are back for the newest trilogy. It's getting tired.