Press Release: Film Producer Martino To Make Theater Production Debut In 2014

All Star Producer Matthew C. Martino is thought to be in talks to produce his first ever theater piece. He is set to be awarded a fund to do so.

The 21year old film producer who was named producer to watch for 2014 in as well as being a very influential figure within the British Indie film scene is thought to be in talks over the theater production which might actually be a musical.

A source close to him told us 'Matthew is getting a lot of work offers but as well as that he is also busy applying for posts and reaching out to companies for work so the year will be crazy busy for him however he has been made an offer to helm a theatre production and he is set to sign up for that as he has never done it before'.

Martino who began his annual leave from official duties on 1st February is said to have enjoyed a string of luxurious visits and attended a variety of events but as usual he has had enough and he is ready to get back to work. Martino's "giving back" initiative to the film industry has seen him invest in 5 films so far and further announcements are to come of films he will financially back.

Martino's rep welcomed the news of a possible theatre debut saying 'We are always happy to hear of new productions that our client is taking on and we will always do our best to ensure that Matthew has all the support he needs'.