Cinematic Releases: Goodbye World

The apocalyptic drama, Goodbye World was released on demand and in limited theaters this weekend. 

"This movie is making us
Between Entourage stints, Adrian Grenier stars in a small budget feature called Goodbye World. Unfortunately for him, the film has none of the character or wit of his previous works and is one of the least intriguing movies ever made about the final days of civilization as we know it. Despite a few moments of cliched tension, Goodbye World is a dimly lit low budget feature that fails under the guidance of an unexperienced director with no real vision.

A mildly unique but overtly melodramatic relationship piece mixed with a modernistic end of the world tale falls totally flat with stagnant performances and unbearably bad scripting choices. From the trailers, expectations were set low but were decidedly correct with a film that just can't decide what it wants to be. One part contemporary commentary on political posturing, one part adult drama, and one part fear mongering babble about viruses and computer glitches, Goodbye World never makes any of it interesting enough to keep any of it relevant or amusing. 

"This Entourage finale really sucks!"
And adding to the pile of cinematic mishaps is some terrible acting from people that should have known better than to step anywhere near this weird conglomeration of genres. Just when you think it can't get any worse, we get the standard post apocalyptic introduction to human on human violence and possible rape scenarios. Please. When will it stop?

Goodbye World is not something I'd suggest you see. There are far greater smaller budget movies that can fulfill your desire to experience the end of the world. If the script had been focused on one genre instead of trying to make this the Big Chill of the apocalypse, this could have been a lot better. Save your money for something else. You'll thank me later. 

-Chris George