Cinematic Releases: The Quiet Ones

Stylized seventies horror makes a visually arresting return to theaters this week with The Quiet Ones.

"I'm sorry, dear. You are
much too young!"
Do you remember the days when horror films were actually scary and their directors cared about creating an emotional excursion in to the depths of terror? Well, The Quiet Ones is here to deliver, even if it isn't a perfect movie. 

Years before theaters were ruled by immortal hack and slash killers, torture porn, and every vile and perverted rendition of modern evil, horror fans were terrorized by classic scares based on practical effects, lighting, music, and mood. In the last couple years, we've seen a few successfully recreate that horror style with movies like The Conjuring and this week's release of a stylized tribute to an era called The Quiet Ones. 

The Quiet Ones perpetuates the "based on real events" trend that's been steadily seeping in to the genre lately. Whether the story is true or not, this is a refreshing new spin on the worn out possession tale and offers up some decent performances from Jared Harris, Sam Clafin and Bates Motel actress, Olivia Cooke. Support comes from Erin Richards and Rory Flieck-Byrne but neither are given much time to prove their worth against the dastardly charms of Mr. Harris and his scene crushing nature. 

"Hot water burn baby......"
Where The Quiet Ones falters in its slow progression and rather tame presentation, it more than makes up for with plenty of jump scares, excellent sound effects, some new twists on found footage, and a small yet personable cast that really cares about creating believable characters against the backdrop of a dimly lit mansion of fear. Are you scared yet? You should be.

Some won't like the mild pacing of The Quiet Ones. It's progresses slowly to a conclusion that could have been twisted in to something far less predictable and not so typically open ended. Why do all horror movies need to end this way? Not everything needs or deserves the inevitable sequel. The Quiet Ones is a fair stand alone feature that should be left as is.

-Chris George