New To Blu: Wolf Creek 2

Mick Taylor is back with a taste for blood and his own bizarre sense of humor.

"Wanna make out?"

Wolf Creek 2 won't hit U.S. cinemas until April 17th but we've seen it. Are you scared yet?

In 2005, we got the first Wolf Creek: a hybrid mix of classic slasher horror and the current torture porn trend. After a long hiatus and constant demand from die hard genre fans, Mick Taylor returns for the first of what is sure to be a series of blood soaked sequels. 

In the first movie, we got a hint of Taylor's twisted sense of humor, but in the sequel he quickly becomes a caricature of himself, sliding off the rails in to what can only be called the Freddy Krueger effect. What should have been another gritty excursion into realistic brutality ends up amplifying the one liners and totally turns the film in to its own worst enemy. Taylor has a snide comment for every situation, every confrontation and every kill. After a while, his commentary becomes irrelevant, campy, and (dare I say) annoying. 

Where Wolf Creek 2 excels is in its near realistic presentation. Much like the first, most everything here could happen in real life, which is what makes these kinds of movies truly horrific. The scenes of gore never look fake and Mick Taylor is totally believable while slicing and dicing his way to satisfaction. He has the right physicality and demeanor to pull something like this off but the non-plot keeps it below the level we had expected from a continuation. 

"See what happens when you
leave the toilet seat up!!!"
There's still something more missing here. The first Wolf Creek was spent in dimly lit places and maintained a very claustrophobic feeling. Part 2 abandons that for the most part, spending most of its time on the road, in vehicles, or running away from certain violent fate, all while no one notices that there's a mad man on the loose. Yeah, I know this is the outback, but how long can this go on until someone realizes there's this guy running around chopping people up in to little bits?

If I said to skip this movie, I'd be doing a disservice to horror fans. There's enough moments of terror and the right amount of tension to satisfy that maniacal taste for a sequel. It's just not the Wolf Creek 2 fans had hoped for. The sequel abandons most of what made the original so good in favor of going for too much, too soon, too fast. If they make a third, it would be nice to see something more along the lines of the first movie without Mick Taylor falling further in to the trappings of what made Freddy Krueger so over the top and bland near the end. 

-Chris George