Fan Boy Rage: The Goonies II

Richard Donner says we're getting a Goonies II. 

Yeah, so what. It's not needed. My fan boy rage needs to purge this anger. Against my better judgement, I'm going to vent. I apologize in advance. 

We don't need a sequel to The Goonies. There is no demand and there is no need to kill a movie that was an awesome stand alone comedic adventure. The film stands by itself as a one time childhood masterpiece that doesn't need the sequel treatment or a dreaded reboot. I despise everything about this idea simply because certain things are better left alone. And really, when was the last time one of our childhood favs got the proper love when being reintroduced to a whole new era of fans? Never. Not once. Remember the Karate Kid remake? Me too. It was awful. 

"See that over there?
That's my childhood going up
in flames!"
So Richard Donner claims a sequel is coming? That's great news for him and the studio that's going to milk this one dry while the deliver another sub-par rehash of an old property that still stands the test of time. The original Goonies represents an era. It's an eighties flick that captured youthful actors playing a tight knit group of children on an adventure that didn't feature any CGI and was made when films still had heart. 

They should release this and the new Ghostbusters movie on the same weekend so I can sit at home and watch paint dry or throw darts at the ceiling. Or maybe I'll dig up Anne Ramsey's corpse and we can hang out for a while.  Enough is enough.