10 More Actresses We Really Dig!!!!

Last year we ran a list of 10 actresses we really dig. Well, here's 10 more that we're totally in to right now.

10. Elizabeth Olsen : Often called "the pretty Olsen" or "not one of the twins", Elizabeth has gone from smaller budget features like the magnificent character study, Martha Marcy May Marlene to the tragic Oldboy remake all the way to a starring role in the massive Avengers sequel, in the blink of an eye. She may be the sister of quasi-millionaire Full House twins, but she's the one that got the talent, the looks, and the better agent. Olsen's turn in Age of Ultron and her starring role in the upcoming Godzilla remake are both sure fire ways to transform her in to a major star.....and rightfully so.

9. Emma Roberts: The pixie like niece of Hollywood heavy, Julia Roberts, has been making waves with her perfect comedic timing and calculated bitch like qualities in both movies and television. We're the Millers and American Horror Story each gave her the platform to establish herself as one of the hottest young commodities working in either medium today. While she's never tried straight drama, Emma has set herself up for a long career that is related to her dad (Eric Roberts) only by name. She has the chops to carry her weight against comedic heavies like Jason Sudeikis and stood toe to toe with a drunken John Cusack in the smaller indie flick, Adult World. By those standards, she gets our full undivided attention and approval.

8. Juno Temple: It must get tiring being referred to as "indie darling" but that's what she is. Juno makes the lower budget movies she wants to make and sticks to her guns with roles that call for nudity and social ambiguity like no other actress of her generation. She's never starred in a tent pole film other than a minor bit part in The Dark Knight Rises.This sexually charged daughter of film director, Julien Temple, is strictly dedicated to artistic merit versus big budget cred and we totally appreciate the way she works the screen. If you've never seen The Brass Teapot, take the time to see it. It's one of the best releases of 2013 and stars Temple in one of her best roles to date.

7. Chloe Grace Moretz: Chloe Grace Moretz brings a youthful and innocent quality to the screen but can instantly turn on the Hit Girl attitude with little to no effort while doing her damnedest to make an unnecessary Carrie remake a semi-watchable movie. Kick Ass 2 was totally lame but her return as a bad ass child assassin was the one saving grace in that abomination of an abysmal sequel. Chloe continues to grow as an actress as she spreads her formidable wings in 4 upcoming major releases, all of different genres. The world needs more Chloe Grace Moretz in it.

6.Tilda Swinton: An unusually striking appearance and superb acting talents make Tilda Swinton one of the best, most earnest actresses working today. Never swayed by big budget mediocrity, Swinton weaves through the off beat film circuit with grace and the simple clarity that she would rather attack roles based on character and dynamics than to involve herself in the goings on of larger, less diverse fare. Other than her performance as The White Witch, Swinton sticks to films that preserve her status as an eclectic female lead that always chooses art over mainstream fame. Check her out in this summer's release of Snowpiercer.

5.Rose Byrne:
Rose Byrne is a chameleon like actress that is constantly changing focus and genres. From television to movies, Byrne is always evolving and pushing herself in to new territory as one of today's hardest working female leads. She's done drama, horror, and comedy all while bringing her divine looks and talent to everything she does. When you compare her fearful motherly role in the Insidious films to her comedic turn in this week's Neighbors, you'll see positive proof that she's not willing to settle down in to one category or type of movie. It's hard to believe that it was just twelve years ago that she played a lowly hand maiden in Attack of the Clones.

4.Marion Cotillard: Cotillard made a steady transition from French film to U.S cinemas with Tim Burton's Big Fish in 2003 and Ridley Scott's A Good Year  in 2006. Since then, she continues to make great strides towards total infiltration of cinemas with four upcoming releases throughout 2014/2015 and consistent roles in major studio films by Christopher Nolan and Michael Mann. Cotillard is of the rare breed that made that transition seamlessly and continually offers something new with each role she accepts. She already has 71 acting credits to her name and is only 39 years old. Comparatively, she is the hardest working woman in the film industry.

3.Amy Adams:
Amy Adams typically wouldn't have made this list, but her career redefining change in American Hustle, the twist she put on the age old Lois Lane character, and her cold portrayal in The Master put her in our sights. Typically a comedic actress, Adams finally started to make a drastic turn for the better with The Fighter and continued forth with the previously mentioned Peggy Dodd of The Master. Breaking out of the comedic mold has proven Adams a worthy professional adversary for many of today's other leading ladies. But, American Hustle was the movie that finally convinced us that Adams belongs on a list of actresses we really dig right now.

2.Eva Green: Eva Green has been making the rounds since 2003's The Dreamers and starred as Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig in the 007 feature, Casino Royale. However, her scene stealing performance in this year's 300: Rise of an Empire puts her on our radar as one actress we completely dig right now. As a sequel, it wasn't that great, but her dastardly, sexy turn as Artemisia was one of the highlights of 2014 so far. Green brings non-typical beauty to the screen while constantly offering a unique but cutting edge approach to villainous roles.

1.Rosario Dawson:
By all accounts, Rosario Dawson has never conformed to anyone's standards but her own. From her first supporting role in Kids, she's always been committed to strong characters that empower women and roles that push her own artistic boundaries. Since 1995, Dawson hasn't strayed from the guidelines that make her such a powerhouse actress. She's fluid no matter what the genre and has played varying roles across the board. From 25th Hour to her foul mouthed manager in Clerks II, Dawson knows exactly what she wants to do and she does it with no apprehension. We respect her choices and she tops this list as one of the actresses we dig the most.


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