News: Friday the 13th Being Rebooted.......Again.

We're gonna be getting a whole lot of Friday the 13th these next couple years.

In a case of way too much of a worn out franchise, Friday the 13th is not only being brought to tv screens as a series, but the iconic horror tale is being rebooted yet again. The 2009 remake was not great by any means and now that rights have been transferred from Warner Bros. to Paramount, they're hot to get Jason Voorhees back to screens as early as November 2015. This is yet to change as the franchise has been in flux with rumors of a found footage reboot and now this sudden change in ownership. 

If it's any better than the 2009 movie, it'll stand a chance to reignite a dying horror icon. If not, this could be the final nail in Jason's coffin because the tv show will undoubtedly suck.