Exclusive:Tallay Wickham Talks How To Save Us

Brian recently had the opportunity to chat with Australian actress Tallay Wickham about her upcoming role as Molly in the new Jason Trost film, How To Save Us.

TMS:What made you want to be an actor? How did you get your start? Tell us a little about yourself?

TW: When I was little my favorite movie was The Sound of Music. When I was 5 a production was casting The Sound of Music and my mum took me along as a joke. I am sure my mum thought, who would ever cast a five year old? But I was cast as Gretel, and I have been acting ever since. There has been a definite transition from musical theatre to plays and now to film. I studied in New York, and had the opportunity to perform in plays both there and in Canada, before moving back to Australia to work on projects here.

TMS: How did you come to meet Jason Trost and get cast in How To Save Us?

TW:We met during the Fantastic Planet Film Festival that is held in Sydney each year. Two of his films were shown there, and a web series I was involved in was also screened. We both really enjoyed each other’s work, and a year later he was back here to film How To Save Us.  

TMS:Your character is Molly, what can you tell us about her?

TW: This film is primarily an apocalypse film, but there is a definite family element as well. Molly is the sister of Brian (played by Jason) and Sam (played by Coy Jandreau) and she is trying to get her brothers back together, so that they can move forward as a family after the death of their parents. Unfortunately, the apocalypse begins while she is in the middle of doing this, and as a result she has to depend on her estranged brother Brian to rescue Sam, and also save the world.

TMS: How was your experience working on HTSU?

TW: It was an amazing and very unique experience. It was a really small crew. Sarah Trost, Jason’s sister is a very talented production and costume designer, we had a lot of fun together as the only two girls on set. It was also very much a learning experience for me as it’s my first feature film. Coming from a theatre background I was excited but also nervous to work in a new medium. But Jason is a skilled director and fellow actor, and he made it all less daunting.

TMS: Are you familiar with JTRO's previous films? If so which is your favorite and why?

TW: The FP! I have seen them all, but my heart is with The FP.  Anyone who sees The FP and actually gets it seems to become a part of this cult following that has developed, even here in Australia, which says a lot.

TMS: I see you have been cast in A World Without Superheroes, which is the sequel to All Superheroes Must Die, is there anything you can tell us about that role?

TW: I want to, but I can’t...I am currently sworn to secrecy!

TMS: If we can get a Detroit Premier Screening for HTSU organized can we put you on the guest list?  

TW: Definitely! I have never been to Detroit but I would really like to go, this gives me the perfect excuse. Maybe we can even go to an ice hockey game, I know you’re a fan.

TMS:  Thank you for taking some time out and sharing with us, we are all looking forward to seeing How To Save Us.

~Brian Rohe