Listed: Five Choices For Hal Jordan / Green Lantern

Who do we think should play Hal Jordan? Read this list and find out.

Justice League casting rumors have maintained a steady pace of, "Oh, my god, I need it now!" With Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan) all but confirmed to be Aquaman, this still leaves a Green Lantern and Flash to be announced. There's a lot of talk amongst folks who wouldn't know such things anyway that Hal Jordan might not make his Justice League debut—it will be someone like John Stewart. "You mean the fake news guy?" No, Guy Gardner, one of the other Earth Lanterns. However, I think that might be counterintuitive to the flow of the DC film universe from here on out. Most likely we'll begin (again) with Hal Jordan, wiping the slate clean of Ryan Reynold's and Martin Campbell's hideous attempt at making a Lantern film.

"Oh my! Is that my voice?
I AM amazing!!!"

In a perfect world, where Nathan Fillion was 15 years younger, he would be the perfect choice. After putting an uncannily flawless performance into not one, not two, but three animated Lantern flicks, he is beloved by GL fans everywhere and widely considered to be the best voice Hal Jordan ever had. We have to face facts, though. For what DC needs from the character, he's not young enough to carry several films worth of Justice League flicks for at least the next decade. Technically, he would be my number two choice, but he gets the highest of honorable mentions here.
Other runners-up include Patrick Wilson, whose Night Owl was solid, but I don't think he has the particular charisma for Jordan. Also considered were Charlie Hunnam, if his performance in Pacific Rim wasn't stupendously bad, and Zac Efron if he wasn't a dwarf.

Now on with our top choices of whose power we should beware of...

5. Ryan Gosling

Prior to 2011's phenomenal Green Lant-- haha, sorry. Before Ryan Reynolds turned Hal Jordan into a silly man-child, Ryan Gosling was heavily rumored to be a solid contender to wear the ring. While I definitely wouldn't be disappointed to see Gosling as Hal Jordan—he no doubt has the physique, lady-killer looks, and acting chops to pull it off—he doesn't seem too excited about the notion of playing a cosmic superhero. Gosling has sideswiped the questions before by referencing his character in Drive being his closest rendition of a superhero we'll see from him.

"Which one of you ladies
wants to see my power battery?"
Perhaps with the right paycheck and timing, Gosling might change his tune. There are other actors on this list I'd rather see, but I'd still jump for joy if they snagged this handsome young chap to lead the Core.

4. Jamie Bamber

Outside of Battlestar Galactica fans, hardly anyone knows who in the hell this is. He is handsome as all get out, can charm the pants off any woman with that gorgeous smile, a tight body, and has already played a bad ass outer space pilot! What more could you want? Well, maybe if he was 12 years younger, he'd be perfect! Unfortunately, the reality of casting for major roles like this calls for a younger star that can age well with potential sequels, and being over 40 doesn't look good on an actor's resume no matter how ageless you might be. Seriously, this dude's 40? He looks like he's fresh out of a college frat house!

"I'm sorry. I didn't see
you there. Throw me
that ring and I'll catch
it with both hands."

Even so, Bamber has it all. He looks almost exactly like how most artists have drawn the character and he's played in very similar roles before. He's mostly on here just because he's so darned similar to Hal Jordan already and I'm a big Battlestar fan.

3. Chris Pine

This choice might be too obvious. He's young. Hot. Great in bed. Is the Captain of the Enterprise. Spectacular at being a dick. He was even heavily rumored to eventually slide gently inside the tight green suit once before. 

"This is Captain Hal Tiberius
Jordan of Farris Air. Damnit! 

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the top choice of some, but with the massive success of Star Trek, that seems highly unlikely. His rendition of Captain Kirk is nearly the Jordan character already, but coupled with his Star Trek 3 schedule, and the fact that it would be just too similar and too expected, we'll most likely never see Pine as Hal Jordan of Earth.

2. Bradley Cooper

He's too old. He's nearly 40. Let's just get that out of the way, but he's also too damn awesome not to be considered... though he won't be. Bradley Cooper fits so well as Hal Jordan it makes my pants tight. He's got the swagger, the James Bond chest hair, intense performances under his belt, and an exquisitely heroic figure.

"On set photo of Bradley Cooper
in the new Green Lantern suit..."

Cooper has put out both Oscar-nominated performances and high-octane action roles. He kicked ass in over-the-top action flicks like A-Team and Limitless, and stretched his acting muscle in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook. He would be a great choice if he wasn't an old dried up wrinkly prune according to Hollywood.

1. Armie Hammer

If this guy doesn't end up being Hal Jordan, there is something amiss in the universe. Hammer was once heavily rumored to be the next Batman before Zack Snyder decided to go the path of the old battle-hardened Bruce Wayne of Dark Knight Returns. He is a young, rising action star with an open schedule that's already had the light of comic film superhero shined in his direction.

"Now imagine this....but
like greener...."

Hammer has proven himself as a venerable actor in Social Network, taking on the role of the Winklevoss twins, playing in the same room with himself as two separate characters. Come on! That's awesome. Plus, he's already worn a Green Lantern mask, only it was black and he rode a horse... and didn't fly or anything. Standing at a dashing six feet and five long inches, and with Hal Jordan constantly at odds with Batman, he can literally stand toe-to-toe with Affleck's Dark Knight. He's got a classic, dashing look, which Jordan always had, a towering framework of masculine ingenuity, and a sexy baritone that flows from his hot breath like an angel of God.

He's still young, at only 27, and can wear the ring for a multi-film contractual agreement into his late thirties while remaining physically adept and fresh. His latest project with Guy Ritchie is a wrap with nothing big on the horizon as of yet. The stars in sector 2814 have aligned for Hammer. Warner Bros. just needs to take advantage of this golden opportunity before someone else snatches him up.

- J.G. Barnes