Editorial: Dinesh D'Souza and The Propaganda Machine

Future prison inmate, Dinesh D'Souza, is about to release another politically charged piece of slanted tripe on the world in a couple weeks. Find out how I feel about it.

"For my next act:
Unicorns and fairies!!! Yay!"
There is a thing called creativity. There is another thing called film making. And there is a third thing called fabricated propaganda. Dinesh D'Souza falls in to the latter of the three descriptive phrases. The man is not a creative individual nor is he a talented film maker. Instead, he is a purveyor of lies and slanted documentary film making that has absolutely nothing to offer except for furthering fear while trying to control the weak minded individuals that will blindly follow his terribly produced, uninspired pieces of bottom feeding disinformation.

Take his 2016: Obama's America feature that was (actually?) released to theaters during the last presidential election. Before I continue, please explain to me how a piece of dis-proven drivel like this gets a full scale theatrical run. The film (if you can call it that) was not based in reality but was more or less a speculative piece of work that was presented as hard fact. It wasn't. It was an opinion piece that was directed at an audience that totally bought everything he was saying. Truth be told, he wasn't saying much. And to add, this man that makes himself out to be some type of political idealist is now facing prison time for illegal campaign contributions. Even if you're an Obama hater, you have to realize that the film's content was just as imaginary as unicorns and pixie dust. Nothing about the movie adds up or makes sense. It was released to drain the wallets of the die hards that would buy a bag full of steaming dung if it was labeled "Obama Sucks".

And yet, he has another piece of fear babbling politicized fecal matter hitting theaters on July 4th called America (a highly original name). How long did it take him to think of that one? It's another movie that poses imaginary thoughts on U.S. citizens as he wants us to visualize America as if the Revolutionary War never happened. Why? It did happen. D'Souza is obsessed with changing history and creating his own imaginary fact-less commentaries as he imposes more scare tactics on a public that is already frightened enough. On that same note, who funds these pictures and why do they think anyone in their right mind is even interested?

Instead of making a movie that presents our country as if the Revolutionary War never happened, why not make something historical or put that money in to doing something positive that doesn't re-open old wounds while it shows audiences exactly what didn't happen? On a day like the 4th of July (the release date of America), wouldn't you rather be celebrating your (supposed) freedom than watching another film by a man that wouldn't know a good movie if it walked up and bit him on the ass.....right through his prison uniform?

Let us judge this man by his biased presentation of disinformation and his unwillingness to understand what cold hard facts are. But, even more, let us judge him by the fact that he broke the law and will do prison time for something he knew was wrong. But the most important thing that needs to be stressed is that his films are insulting jargon that have no basis in reality. If you pay to see his movie, you're only supporting
mind baffling propaganda from a man that claims to be "pro-America". Please.

Although Moore is slanted too, D'Souza just wishes he were half the documentary film maker that Michael is. Chew on that.