Movie News: Predator Reboot On The Way

The eighties reboot trend continues with a new version of Predator.

"What are you looking at, punk?"
After one strange sequel and another belated one, it appears that studio heads are keen to totally reboot the Predator franchise from the ground up. After all, the Aliens Vs. Predators movie were a total disaster and Predators didn't set the the box office ablaze. So, it looks like we're going to get a whole new franchise that's going to kick off in the next couple years with Shane Black heading up the writing department. 

Although Predators wasn't a major hit, it was the more worthy of the two sequels. Hopefully Black sticks to his guns and brings us something worthy of the original that sets the scope back to the original idea of straight up bad assery, awesome fight scenes, and vicious aliens that DO NOT team up with female heroines but prefer killing them instead. 

Predator was one of the films that defined my youth. I truly hope they get this one right.