New To Blu: Thirty Seconds To Mars - Artifact

This Thirty Seconds To Mars studio documentary is an enlightening film about the creative process and Jared Leto's undying will.

"My name is Jared.
I like to do drawwwings."
What was meant to be a recorded chronicle of Thirty Seconds To Mars in the studio, is a nearly two hour look at the broken music industry and the sickening practices by which artists are taken advantage of. 

Artifact could have easily transformed into a standardized presentation of another band in the studio. Instead, it's a formidable representation of Leto, his dedication to creative works, and his desire to make a better music industry for fans and musicians alike. Thirty Seconds To Mars was in a never ending battle with EMI over their record contract. Unfortunately for them, it all came to a head as filming began, making this a transformative experience through the eyes of three young talents that just want what's right for themselves and other musicians.

This is a nearly perfect documentary that breaks down the preconceived notion that Leto is an actor trying to play a rock star while it shows in vivid clarity that his vast talent as a vocalist and musician both outweigh anything he's ever done on screen. His human side and unrelenting desire to succeed are two of the greatest things about Artifact as music fans are finally given a rock doc that doesn't fit in to the standard mold, but gives audiences an inside look at a gifted artist that wants to transcend rock and roll stereotypes as he fights the good fight against greedy record company execs and their soulless legal thugs.

"My millions won't save
me from cancer. Oh well."
As a fan of Leto's works and as a watcher of all things related to music, Artifact is in fact a faultless vision of how creativity and money can never co-exist while greed and corruption inhabit the world of rock and roll. Leto's stand and rebellious view of an antiquated system is simply refreshing as his band goes broke as they make a stand that puts their livelihoods on the line for an album that would go on to sell 2 million copies. 

Artifact is a testament to how the digital age has changed music and may end up putting ultimate control back in the hands of the creative individuals that pour their hearts and souls into full length albums, films (short or full length), or various other mediums. 

This is war.