Rumors: Lawrence Kasdan Penning Boba Fett Movie

And the Star Wars rumor mill keeps churning. What's that you say? More Kasdan for Star Wars?

It seems like we're getting new Star Wars news everyday around here. 

Well, the latest is that Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back) is taking over writing duties on the Boba Fett spin off movie. As previously mentioned, the Fett movie sits at the forefront of the three spin offs Disney is planning, which also include a Han Solo one off and an X-Wing Squadron movie. If Kasdan is truly writing this screenplay, Star Wars fans may finally get the movie we've been waiting decades for. 

This could still be rumor but several sources have confirmed that Kasdan is already working on the script, aiming for a 2016 release date. What do you think? Is this too much Star Wars too fast or are you eagerly awaiting some movies that step outside of the Skywalker legacy?