Third Contact Now Available Online

Back in 2012, we reviewed an independent feature called Third Contact.

Well, the movie is now available online for your viewing enjoyment. Here's our review of the film:

Once again, we've had an amazing independent screener submitted for review. It's a cryptic character driven melancholy portrait of depression, loss and death called Third Contact. The film is a moving experience that not only qualifies as cinema but could also be considered a masterful piece of art with its poetic use of mystery and dialogue, all the while building a distinct sense of desperation.

Where most independent films might fail, Third Contact overwhelmingly succeeds. Unlike many other independent films, it is not a self indulgent work but instead works to it's strong points by maintaining a great use of music and color as the film varies in it's use of black and white film then shifts to strikingly vivid flashbacks. Even more impressive is it's feature length of one hour and thirty five minutes while skillfully manipulating the attention of the viewer.

When this gets a release to the web or digital format, we would definitely like to post a link to allow our readers to see this film. We absolutely enjoyed this unique film that chronicles a mysterious death and one man's struggle to find closure. Third Contact is one of the best screeners we've had the chance to review and would strongly suggest seeing it.