10 Totally Bad Ass Female Characters

For the first time ever, we list ten of the baddest, hardest, female characters that have ever hit the screen.

Hammer Girl

Although her time on camera was short, Hammer Girl left her mark on 2014 with a couple amazing fight sequences in which she vanquished her male enemies with none other than a pair of hammers and some amazing moves. The character is a unique and unruly one woman wrecking crew that will be hard to match in coming years. Although her character is derivative of numerous other martial arts villains we've seen in the past, she was definitely one of the best antagonists of The Raid 2 and undoubtedly deserves her own spin off flick. You hear that? We said spin off. Now get to it.

"When I get older, I'm gonna use
this gun to kill me some Jar Jar."
Not yet a fully realized assassin, Mathilda was an emotional ball of grieving 12 year old energy that wanted nothing more than vengeance for her murdered family alongside her growing affections for professional killer, Leon. While we never get to see the full effects of Leon's training, we can only imagine Mathilda as a grown, stone cold killer. Apparently, Luc Besson was prepping to make a continuation with Natalie Portman returning to this role. It's too bad it never happened because that would be one sequel that would have totally kicked ass.

Mallory Knox
Mickey and Mallory Knox, two lovers misunderstood in their unbridled taste for bloodshed. Mallory Knox is a total white trash loon that deserves nothing more than a bullet to the face and this respective spot on this list. She's highly annoying, sexually broken, and nothing more than a crazed serial killer with daddy issues. But, Mallory is still a total bad ass that doesn't take crap from anyone. And no matter what you do, don't call her a stupid bitch. Her daddy called her a stupid bitch and you saw what happened to him. RIP Rodney Dangerfield.

Black Widow
"I'm totally serious right now!"
Adapted from Marvel Comics to the screen, Black Widow is a one woman assault team. Armed with sex appeal and special training, she doesn't have super powers like her Avengers counterparts but has the skills to outwit and destroy almost any foe with her sharp wit, tactical upper hand, and broad fighting technique. Fans are still waiting for word that Black Widow will get her own franchise. What are they waiting for? She's sexy, smart, and totally in control of every bad situation.

Saoirse Ronan stars as a teenage assassin in hiding in the smaller budget film, Hanna. She is the perfect killing machine. Raised from birth to be a calculated killer, Hanna is an inward teen that doesn't know the full extent of her abilities. Throughout the movie, we learn she has the skills to eradicate any foe with the flick of a wrist. The film doesn't fall in to the trappings of typical assassin fare, which could be attributed to its independent leanings. However, Hanna is one of the best movies about a trained teen female assassin in the past decade. If you've never seen it, give it a shot. Hanna is a unique, breath of fresh air that will not hesitate to shoot you in the face.

"Let's play a game called
Fist Crushes Skull."
Hit Girl
Hit Girl is the true star of the two Kick Ass movies. She's a die hard, cold blooded master all things violent that doesn't shy away from blood or death. Instead, she revels in it. Hit Girl enjoys going against the grain and doesn't settle for anything standard. She loves purple, is foul mouthed beyond her years, and never shies away from a foe three times her size. In the horrendous Kick Ass sequel, Hit Girl's fight scenes were the only bearable part of the movie. It's my hope that we got a proper second sequel that reignites this dead franchise with the qualities that made the first such a great play on the comics to film trend.

The Resident Evil movies are terrible but that doesn't take away the fact that Alice is a genetically altered zombie killing machine with a bad attitude and a score to settle. Former model, Milla Jovovich stars in this mind numbing series of guilty pleasures as the gun toting destroyer of the undead as her talentless hack of a husband continues to churn these brainless popcorn flicks out every couple of years. Although, the series has been lackluster and strays way too far from the games, Milla's version of Alice is a highly capable, technically apt character focused on two central things, the destruction of zombies and the downfall of the evil corporate entity, The Umbrella Corporation.

"Yeah, I know. I'm hot.
Wanna see my teeth?"
Kate Beckinsale in a skin tight outfit. Need we say more? Okay, we will. Selene came along at a time when action and vampire fans were starving for a sexy new female protagonist. Kate Beckinsale filled this void with a sleek and sensual characterization that reinvigorated the flailing vampire genre and introduced a new franchise that offered up three sequels that were typically less than stellar. However, her character was a unique one that knew how to brandish a weapon while remaining extremely easy on they eyes. Beckinsale's talents as an actress were an added bonus to this Gothic saga of Vampire versus Lycan.

The Bride
The Bride is an iconic character that left her violent mark all over the two Kill Bill movies and definitely deserves a spot on this list as one of the hardest, most dedicated killing machines ever known to cinema. Despite the cruel intentions of Bill, she fights, dices, and slices through dozens of highly trained assassins to finally do battle with the maniacal O-Ren Ishii, master of martial arts and sword play. Rumor has it that Tarantino would like to return to the world of Kill Bill at some point. We say bring it. Uma gets crazier with age.

"Did you just say I
topped this list? That's more rad
than a dropship full
of fresh human meat."
Perhaps the hardest female character of all time is Ellen Ripley. She somehow survives three terrorizing Alien films and even cheats her own death with the fourth (and worst), Alien Resurrection. Ripley continually plays against the odds and wholeheartedly does battle with the much larger, cute and cuddly Xenomorph family despite everything stacked against her. Acidic blood and massive size cannot hold her back from doing everything in her power to defeat an Alien race that is stronger, faster, more agile, and can multiply quicker than you can say LV-426.